Rustem Kazakbaev
Founder & COO
Rustem won the Russian national olympiad in Economics. Now he is a student in the #1 university for economics in Russia the top 100 in the world - Higher School of Economics.

Rustem has two successful businesses: ShadHelper in EdTech and Tools for Procreate in digital illustration. Besides that, he is a strong contributor to the Russian Data Science community. He has prominent articles on Habr with strong support from data science community.
Alexander Lykov
Founding Principal & Author
Alexander holds PhD in Mathematics from Lomonosov Moscow State University. He is an active researcher at MSU Probability Department and has authored articles on a variety of topics. For the last 10 years he works on quantitative trading strategies. Currently he works in a hedge fund which advises Teza Technologies.
Emil Kazakbaev
Managing and Founding Principal. Co-founder of HelperProducts OU
Emil studied Financial Engineering at EPFL. For the last 5 years he worked in a hedge fund, which is an advisor to Teza Technologies. He serves as quantitative trader for the firms algorithmic strategies on a variety of instruments.
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